Travel Reading and Housekeeping 

Consider this a late, much needed housekeeping post. As you’ve potentially notices, I haven’t been posting twice a week as I previously decided. Life has caught up with me, and unfortunately posting that regularly isn’t something that I can feasibly do. With grad school coming up in the fall and makeup gigs popping up every so often, I can’t dedicate quite as much time to blogging as I have been. I need to dedicate a great deal of my time to drafting poetry and CNF for the fall in preparation for my workshop classes, and I need to deal with everyday life. 
Instead of nixing the blog altogether, I’ll continue posting book reviews and occasional concept pieces. Book reviews will come roughly once a week, not on any set day. I’ll be reviewing books as I finish them. Having a set day to post reviews has become a bit of a drag, in that I often found myself rushing through the end of books and feeling like reading was more of a task than a pleasure. 
I’m currently headed to Alabama to visit family, and I’ve packed three books for reading on the trip (my Grandmother doesn’t trust my driving, so I’m the designated passenger). I doubt that I’ll finish more than one, if I make enough time to finish one at all, but I like to pack extras just in case.  


I’ve packed the book that I’m currently reading, The Bean Trees, as well as two that a friend passed along, The Bridges of Madison County, and Americana. I’m pleased to be reading a Kingsolver novel, and I’m already enjoying her setting and characterization. 

I’ll be back when I’ve finished it up with what I’m sure will be a sparkling review! 
Happy reading,



Asking the Audience

Hey y’all! I’m here today to ask for some input.

I need book recommendations.

I have a shelf full, and I need to read them all eventually, but I’m looking for more books on identity and self that aren’t self-help oriented – I’m not having a lot of luck with them thus far (I’m the pickiest person I know).

I’m currently working on The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, and I love her (she and Wally Lamb are my tops for fiction). I’d rather not have a ton of fiction recommendations if I can help it, but they’re also welcome.

Becoming more interactive with my audience is one of my blogging goals, so feel free to comment and discuss below!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Recommend a book and I’ll review it
  • Give me some concepts you’d like for me to discuss
  • Ask me for recommendations on specific topics
  • Ask for content that deals with other forms of media

I know that my posting hasn’t been up to par lately, and I sincerely apologize for that. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things after so many changes, losses, and wins. Life is constantly evolving, and I’m excited for what the future holds, I just have to get past some things (old and new).

I look forward to hearing from y’all!


Hello all,

I’m making my second housekeeping post to let you all know that I will be posting bi-weekly from now on. Expect posts on Tuesdays and Fridays, though through human error they might be late every once in awhile. I will also be posting housekeeping posts, bonus posts, Amazon deals, and anything else that I feel strongly compelled to share with you all.

There will likely be one book review and one concept piece, listicle, or author spotlight per week. I will be posting the reviews after a book is finished, so it will range in terms of order, but you can expect the reviews either Tuesday or Friday with the other post on the alternative day.

Posts will also be thoroughly categorized and tagged from now on. I have taken the time to add categories and tags to all previous posts in order to stay consistent from here on.

Categories you can expect include but are not limited to:

  • Housekeeping
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Spotlights
  • Listicles
  • Concept Pieces
  • Personal
  • Bonus Posts

Tags will include author names, book titles, genres, and other concepts like feminism and mental illness.

Scarlett Peterson

PS: I can’t wait to share my next review with you all, it’s a book that I’m loving so far with Ecofeminist themes.

E-Readers and Discount Codes

As a reader, it’s hard to ignore the shift to virtual texts over the traditional paper format; there are boundless pros and cons to both reading methods, though ultimately it comes down to preference and privilege.

Sometimes it’s simple; those who prefer the instant downloads and frequent discounts on intangible books opt for e-readers and apps, those who revel in the smell of old books and the sound of a crisp page turning might opt for discount or used book stores to find their own discounts.

Sometimes it isn’t as simple; e-readers aren’t free, they cost significantly more than a used paperback, and some people can’t afford that. That’s where privilege comes into play. Though in the long run it might be cheaper to buy a kindle for $100 and get e-books at a 25% discount compared to the physical copy, but not all people have the funds to make better long-term purchases like those.

Personally, I use both. As a college student, I bought a used kindle fire to download textbooks at lower prices, saving me money over time. As an English major, that definitely softened the blow for classes with seven or eight assigned books. Though that kindle fire has bitten the dust, I still use the Kindle app on my phone and tablet when I want to access books from anywhere. Provided you have an internet connection, you can also use your browser to open kindle readers

I’ll be reviewing books that I read through both platforms, and in the interest of providing a few discounted options through Amazon. In order to do this, I have become an Amazon affiliate. from this point forward, all links to Amazon will be affiliate links.
Should you use my affiliate links, a small percentage of the money from your purchase will go to me for recommending the books; as an affiliate I’ll also be able to provide click-through links to deals for anyone who follows my blog. In the interest of being honest from the start, this is my formal disclaimer. If you do not feel comfortable with that set-up, please feel free to find the books or products that I recommend through Amazon without using the affiliate links. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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Hello All!

Good Evening Friends,

I just wanted to make an initial post explaining this blog and my intentions.

My name is Scarlett, and I’m an intersectional feminist who greatly enjoys reading, even if the materials aren’t always in line with my personal views. I’m starting this blog in order to create a safe place for other feminist readers and their peers to discuss books that cross multiple genres. I will be posting as I finish each book, leaving my personal commentary and my favorite or least favorite elements of the books in question. I will also rate the books on a scale of 1-10.

As this is a blog run by one person, it’s unlikely that everyone will agree with my opinions. Keep in mind as you read that I am sharing my honest opinions, not writing an unbiased review.

Genres that you can expect include but are not limited to: poetry, plays, fiction, nonfiction (including memoirs and self-help books as well as instructionals), and occasionally some Y. A. fiction.

I began the year 2016 with the intention of reading 52 books in 52 weeks, a challenge that I was invited to participate in with a friend. I would like to invite you all (though I’m a bit late) to join me as well.

Happy reading!


p.s. Any and all outright hateful comments will be removed, repeat offenders will be blocked. I do not mind other viewpoints, but as mentioned above, this blog is a safe place and will remain such.