Building a Movemment to End The New Jim Crow is free for Kindle download today! 

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Free Kindle Book

Hello all! 

I’m here to share a quick link to a free kindle edition of a book of poetry that’s just come up on my radar!

I’ll be reviewing it ASAP, I just got done downloading my eBook. 

Harry Whitewolf reached out to me a few days ago (just a hello, etc.) on Goodreads and just invited me to the five day event in which this edition is free, so I’m assuming he’s looking for reviews – kindly keep that in mind when you download your copy and keep Goodreads reviews in mind. 

Rhyme and Rebellion by Harry Whitewolf

Happy reading friends! 

ReadCOLOR Easter Kindle Sale! 

ReadCOLOR is having an Easter flash sale on a few Kindle books. 


Image Credit: Twitter 

If you didn’t catch them free the last time, go ahead and pick them up super cheap today! They are excellent books of poetry by wonderful writers. 

Free Downloads from ReadColor

Free Downloads from ReadColor


I can vouch for both authors being absolutely PHENOMENAL!

I’ve read all three books, each is stunning and the authors truly convey their messages in a wonderful way.

The Kindle app is free, I believe you can also download it through laptops etc. (kindle reader access online from anywhere).

If you’re looking for a numerical rating, I give all three books a 10/10.

I will be posting my regularly scheduled book review late Friday evening; I’m a bit behind on reading, though I can go ahead and tell you it’s a Toni Morrison novel in honor of her 85th birthday (2/18).