Book 3: [Redacted] by Trista Mateer 

For brevity’s sake, I’m writing this in the notes section of my iPhone and publishing through the app. I have decided not to continue linking books through Amazon, I didn’t get any bites and don’t really care to continue the process itself as you’re all people who can buy your books through whatever venue you desire. 
Book 3 for 2017 is Trista Mateer’s [Redacted], a collection of poetry that incorporates art, flowers, texts, and tweets. I enjoyed it for its content and Mateer’s reliably stunning poetry, but also for the barriers it broke down. It’s lovely to see a millennial poet succeeding in incorporating social media clips, different little things that mark our generation, in her works. The screencasts and tweets are loaded, they’re poetic in and of themselves. 

I think this little 60 page gem may have pulled me (at least half-way) out of the slump I’ve been in for a few weeks. I’ll be reading more now, for class and for myself, as well as writing much more. Expect to be linked to some published works from me soon, next month in fact. 

I give the book a 9/10, the only possible improvement being another 60 poems. Mateer wrote this almost entirely in the month of April, 2016. I aspire to that dedication to craft. 

Goodnight friends, and happy reading. 


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