Book 1: Your Soul is a River by Nikita Gill

I wanted desperately to like this book of poetry. Though I didn’t purchase it, I did have my eye on it enough to enter giveaways on Goodreads, fortunately winning it last year. I was impressed to see something published by Thought Catalog as well, I wasn’t familiar with that aspect of the site until I got Your Soul is a River in the mail.

The book is broken up into eight sections of poetry, beginning with “Cosmos” and ending in “Heal.” Each section of poems had a theme, a concrete theme that was grounded in the poems it held, and I do laud Gill for her continuity.

I felt that overall this collection lacked a good deal in originality. Gill didn’t take the risks she could have in a lot of cases, opting instead to over-explain or attempt to make each poem into a micro lesson. Her style was good enough, but her poetry read as very young.

I do think a younger audience may quite enjoy this collection. As a poet I spend a good deal of my time analyzing what I read and assessing poems to see how they might be improved – Gill’s choice to draw on cliches was the biggest downfall for me, and I do sorely wish I had more positive comments on the work as a whole.

I give the book a 5/10.

Your Soul is a River

Happy reading!
PS: I’ll be a bit absent for a while as I’m having surgery tomorrow and likely won’t get much reading done for a few days. Best to all of you.


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