Book 45: Blood Don’t Lie by Aaron Levy 

This book is a little outside of my typical reading set, but I certainly enjoyed it. I’ve been meaning to read more YA Fiction, and Blood Don’t Lie falls into that category. 
Dr. Levy was one of my undergrad professors; I had him for playwriting, a course that I quite enjoyed. He was (and is) a very enthusiastic professor, one who challenged his students and wrote alongside us, sharing bits of his works in progress with us in class on occasion. 

You can listen to Levy read the first chapter of Blood Don’t Lie on his Soundcloud. His blog outlines ways to teach the novel in the classroom, as well as providing links to his other publications. 

The opening line for Levy’s blog post reads; “Thirteen-year old Larry Ratner wouldn’t mind starting an after-school club; one of those twelve-step programs, only for short people; but he’s worried he’ll be the shortest person in the Short Person’s Club.”

Larry is certainly a funny kid – Levy writes a convincing thirteen year old, a young man who has to deal with growing up short, Jewish, and unpopular. He’s such a witty character, you can’t help but love him throughout the story.

Larry also deals with a ton of tough situations; bullying, abuse, death of friends, and more. This book isn’t one to beat around the bush where touchy subjects go, and it’s written in a way that tackles them all beautifully. 

The “Tattoo Show-N-Tell” installments are one of my favorite small details in the book – Larry mentions the bus driver multiple times, and I really enjoyed seeing his character progress. 

I didn’t take as many notes here as I typically do, but you can see mine through Goodreads here. 

I give it a 9/10.

You can find the Kindle edition here. 

Levy’s blog also says to be on the lookout for the book release, in case you’re not down with the eReader lifestyle. 

Happy reading! 


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