Book 40: Small Ghost by Trista Mateer 

I have two memoirs from Goodreads giveaways and a new YA novel from one of my undergrad professors right at the tips of my fingers, all listed on my “Currently Reading” shelf, and all falling momentarily behind while I bask in Trista Mateer’s poetry for a moment. 
I reviewed The Dogs I Have Kissed not too long ago, and this week I found myself recommending Mateer to my MFA peers. I’d forgotten that I bought Small Ghost as soon as I finished the other collection and was pleasantly surprised when I started scrolling through my Kindle. 

  • I have totally not kept my goal of the book no buy. 
  • Somehow I’ve managed to start hoarding eBooks with the same ferocity that I collect tangible copies. 
  • I regret none of this. 

Mateer’s writing in this collection of poems is centered around the themes of isolation, depression, love and growth all come together to make obscure and at times even cute poetry. 

I loved “Small Ghost Goes Grocery Shopping,” “Small Ghost Throws in the Towel,” “Small Ghost Joins Twitter,” “Small Ghost Falls in Love,” and of course “Small Ghost Looks to the Future.” 

I’ve come to realize that I absolutely adore illustrated books of poetry. Rupi Kaur’s was my first love, but it’s becoming a running theme for me lately. 

Now I’ve gone and ordered Honeybee, my third and I believe the only other collection she has available. I’ll be sure to get to it quite soon. 

I give the collection a 9/10.

Happy reading ☀️


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