Book 37: Earth by Cecilia Woloch

I’m currently in one of Cecilia Woloch’s workshops; she’s filling in for Laura Newbern, one of our resident poets, and I’m quite enjoying the experience. Needless to say, I decided to pick up at least one of her books this semester.

Earth won the 2014 Two Sylvia’s Press Chapbook Prize, which resulted in its printing from what I can tell.

A couple of my favorites were; “Teta,” and “A Place in the Music.”

Woloch’s writing is ethereal, so delicate and sweet. The sensory details that she incorporated often set the poems apart. Themes of love, loss, and family were tangible and emotional without forced sentimentality.

Knowing Woloch from class, I’m aware that she’s a feminist and identifies as such, so it’s not surprising to see the elements through her writing of strong women.

I give the book a 9/10.


Happy reading,

PS.  I apologize for the extremely short posts, I’ve had a long day full of a lot of terrible reflection. This is the best I can give of myself this evening.


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