Book 32: Love and the Eye by Laura Newbern

Wifi, sweet sweet wifi! Now I’m all settled in and set up in my apartment, wifi included. I’ve finally had a chance to slow down and read a bit since last week, and I’m bringing forth another gem for your (hopeful) consumption. Genre: poetry

PSA: I will eventually be working with Laura Newbern in my program; she’s currently on sabbatical, but there’s a chance she’ll be my thesis advisor. Fingers crossed!

I decided to pick this book back up after reading some of it before submitting my application to GCSU. Newbern’s writing is absolutely stunning, and just coded enough to require the attention that good writing deserves. She writes on topics across the board, yet the entire work comes together with a beautiful, languid flow.

Newbern’s line breaks were quite interesting, and I found that they truly stood out in several poems. In some cases they almost heightened the frantic elements, in others they slowed my reading pace and helped me to better appreciate her purpose.

If I had to choose a favorite poem from the book, it would be “Luscious Prayer,” hands down. The way that Newbern ties together religion, death, and lust in such a beautiful poem is entirely unique. “The Idea of Love,” is also spellbinding, almost haunting.

It’s a true pleasure to read work from someone who I might have the chance to grow under as a writer. I would definitely recommend her book, and any of her works you might find in various publications.

Love and the Eye

I give it a 9/10, (which is roughly the highest rating I give anything).

Happy reading,


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