cute lil update post

Today I got stuff done.

Lots of it.

I found my building (and met a few of my professors), got my parking situation all sorted out, read one of the many student publications I picked up in said building, and read a stunning book of poetry! I even got a couple of super rough drafts started.

I owe some of my productability to Starbucks; I still don’t have wifi at home, so I camped out here for a few hours in order to actually use my big-girl laptop.

Back to that book of poetry!

Book 31 hasn’t been released yet, and all that I can tell you is that it was written by a friend. I’m holding onto my review until the release date is set and I’m given the go-ahead to share it with you all. (Don’t bother checking Goodreads either, you won’t even find a hint.)

Expect my next review to be on the eBook I won this week.

Happy reading,


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