I won another giveaway, and why I’ve been MIA. 

Good evening folk, 

I’m excited to say that I moved in to my very own tiny apartment today! It’s the perfect size, and it’s a bit shabby having been built in the 80’s, and I love it. My kitties are doing well in their new home, and I’m only disappointed in the AC (it’s terrible and I’m hot natured and it’s 100 outside ok?). 

Anyway; I’m about 30% into my latest book, and I’ve got a happy trick up my sleeve to work on for a future review. I also just won another Goodreads giveaway!


I’ve already sent it to my kindle, so it’s up soon on my list!  (And yes, I’m charging my phone). 

I won’t have wifi for about two weeks according to the schedule at Charter, so I’m expecting to get a lot of reading done soon here. 

I’m one book behind schedule according to Goodreads, but I’ll know it out soon enough. 


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