The Great Bookshelf Thinning of 2016

I’m in a writing mood, so I’ve decided to finish up a second post for the day! Hopefully it finds you well.


I’m a hoarder. A book hoarder. I hoard books like I’ve got nothing but reading time. When I walk into a used book store and leave with five books, I’m having an off day. When I leave with ten I’m on my game. Free books? YES. Bargain books? YES. Giving books away? NO.

Until… I realized how little use many of the books on my shelf would be to me in the long run. When I don’t like a book i typically have no trouble giving it away, getting rid of it through sell-back, etc. But when I love a book I hold onto it for seemingly no reason, because since middle school, I’ve rarely if ever re-read much of anything. Recently, as I mentioned in one of my last few reviews, I started passing books along to my best friend, and getting them passed on to me in return. This exchange is not something that I’d previously been down for; when people offered to loan me books I’d always said no, I didn’t want to have to give them back. She’s certainly helped me get out of that habit, and I’m happy to be passing on the books that I’ve enjoyed.


I was happy enough with handing off a five book stack to Carlynn that I decided to do a purge and pass along quite a few books to strangers. Almost exclusively books that I truly enjoyed, though several weren’t my faves. I briefly considered selling them at a local used book store, but quickly rethought it thanks to the many free book bins I’ve found myself taking from in the past. I decided to pack a box and set it somewhere fitting, somewhere that people might be in need of distraction (aka a damn good book). I put the box pictured above as well as several romance novels that my Nana wanted to pass along in a deserving spot and wrote “Free Books,” on the side and promptly left.

I’m pretty pleased with myself for mustering up the capacity to get rid of books. The only time in the past that I’ve done such was when I was trying desperately to afford a second study abroad trip (I failed and mourned the books terribly). Now I’m just happily hoping that the books fall into hands that love them like I did.

Also; I submitted a chapbook for publication since it’s open submissions for Black Lawrence Press this month. It’ll be a while before I find out, but on the upside, I’ve got two chapbooks coming from them for the submission fee. Who doesn’t love (sort of) free books?

I’m also super excited to say that thanks to Femsplainer’s daily (M-F) emails, I was able to find the add that Eve Littlepage listed and will be reviewing her memoir, Celestial Bodies in Orbit: Memoirs of the Unknown Stripper as soon as it comes in the mail. Oh the joys of a strong feminist community, my heart is so full!

Happy reading,


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