Book 22: Poetry With Teeth by Isabella Brooks

I’ve had my eye on this book for months, but I hadn’t managed to pick it up until last month. It came in the mail while I was in Alabama, soI had some waiting to do while I finished up my last two books, and it was well worth the wait!

I first saw Brooks’ book through a tumblr post, one where she was self-promoting (which is clearly an effective and respectable method). It’s been sitting in my cart on Amazon for quite a while, but I found it on eBay for a lower price and had some paypal cash from a recent makeup gig (shameless self plug: so I picked it up.

This book was much smaller than I expected, but good things come in small packages! Brooks doesn’t title her poems, nor are the pages numbered. It’s a very rustic format, no author bio or other pages that weren’t absolutely necessary for the reading of her poetry; aside from copyrights and a Munch quote, there’s nothing unnecessary about this printing.

The themes I noticed most were love and loss, and currently I’m dealing with that coupling of emotions, so it was much needed. I enjoyed the emotion, the organic nature of the poetry, and the lack of punctuation that Brooks used. Everything read as very raw. Themes of depression were there as well, and some sensual themes which broke up the pain very well. The last poem in the book is a great way to look at one night stands (for me, at least).

Overall I really loved her writing, and I look forward to more from Brooks in the future!


Millennials have got to stick together in a society where we are often regarded as lazy or entitled (how that logically makes sense when we make technological leaps and bounds and have the drive to network through non-traditional means in order to build up supportive communities beats me, but…). From what I can tell, and especially due to the method through which I found her, I think that Brooks is a millennial. Her work isn’t well known yet, and I’m excited to have found her in time to read her early work and hopefully see her progress!


Reading challenge update: I was one week behind on my challenge, but this gem put me right back on schedule!  

I give this book an 8.5/10.

Poetry With Teeth

Happy reading,


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