Book 21: The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

Here I am, getting another book knocked off my list! It’s one of the two that my best friend Carlynn recently passed along; we’ve started a fabulous habit of exchanging books that makes my heart happy. It’s actually what inspired my bookshelf thinning, more to come on that after I’ve figured out what to do with the books themselves.

On to the review!

When we hear a title enough times, we put some weight to it. I’d heard of The Bridges of Madison County enough to consider it a modern classic; so when Carlynn handed it to me I was excited to read it. It’s not a long book, and Carlynn assured me it’d be a quick read; she was right, but… Wow, was I disappointed in this book. Not sure what I expected from a novel about love, but I can assure you that my mind wasn’t changed.



The foolery. The lies.

For one thing, Robert was a giant stroke at the male ego; though the story was told through both perspectives, Francesca’s was more prevalent while being less personal. His descriptions of sex were… rather unpleasant in my opinion. Also, I’d just like to say… the whole recitation of poetry in bed thing??? What on earth???

Also, I’m not down for the glorification of adultery, or the treatment of family life as a ball and chain… When it comes right down to it, Francesca was a married woman, which both parties knew before their affair.

Also, no children who were dealing with their mother’s death would just love hearing about her affair and her tortured love and then sign it over to some random author after she asked that it not be shared publicly.

I’m just super not down with the whole tragic tortured love story in which the people who made insensitive decisions are the poor tortured subjects.

My last few posts were through the app, not the desktop site, so expect more tagging and better quality this go around. I’m working on it y’all!

I give this book a 4/10. (Beacause I’m feeling generous.)

Happy reading,


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