On the Arts

Today I want to take a step away from concept pieces and book reviews, and sort of change up my about me format. I recently discussed some elements of my life that I’m happy about, namely my budding makeup career and my acceptance to GCSU for an MFA. Before I delve into this piece, I’d like to let you all know that you won’t see posts like this from me often. If/when I’m published elsewhere, I’ll include links in posts additional to my T/F posting.

Today, I’ve decided to share a few glimpses into my portfolios with you. I avoided a clickbait title because I don’t have any interest in using this post to grow my audience, I only want to invite my current audience to see a bit of my work thus far. Again, do not expect this to happen often.

Here are a few photos from my mega-shoot on Saturday, the main reason that I didn’t get my Friday posting done in time:


Image credit: Mike Alberghini – Shadowink Photography


Image credit: Mike Alberghini – Shadowink Photography


Before I get too into this, I’d like to talk about identities; I have several.

  • Blogger
  • Writer/Poet
  • Makeup Artist
  • Reader
  • Feminist

I don’t think any of these identities takes much priority over the others, though I certainly acknowledge that feminism causes me to look at things through a different lens than others might. As far as writing goes, poetry is my favorite. I enjoy blogging, and I want to continue doing such personally and professionally, but poetry is something that is more organic and raw in my opinion. It takes a lot of work to be satisfied with a poem, and despite encouragement from peers and professors, I’ve been very insecure about my poetry to date. After getting into a program based in part on my poetry writing, I feel that my confidence is budding and growing enough for me to comfortably take this leap. I’ve decided to provide a small snippet of my portfolio (which was submitted formally to GCSU’s MFA program). I ask that any criticism be constructive, if not kindly worded.

Two of the ten poems that I submitted are as follows;


We Buried You at the End of Summer While the Fruit Trees Withered

Fitting to plant your body
like the seed of a pear
when pears had just left season.

A body like a seed
from the man like a tree
whose branches lifted me
when I couldn’t reach the fruit.

Bodies don’t grow like seeds.



Name – I have removed the title of this poem for personal reasons, I hope you understand.

Home is a person.
The shutters close
When you need restoration.
The door locks
And you are the curves and bends
Of the only place,

He waits for you.

Lungs bombinate,
Breath in gusts of chimney smoke.
Veins like electrical wires.
Bone marrow insulation
Between feathersoft tissue
And vinyl skin.

Home is cold,
But he warms for you.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my work, and I hope to see you all around here again!


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