Author Spotlight: Wally Lamb

Wally Lamb is an excellent writer, and he’s a man who writes excellent women. I know, women are complex and interesting just like men, but it’s not often that you find a man who writes women who are as complex and strong as Lamb’s are.

Lamb’s female characters are not all “strong women” in their physical or emotional strength. He writes flawed women, women with skeletons in their closets, and women who face a myriad of feminist issues.

Some of the issues being:
Mental Illness
Eating Disorders
Relationships (Healthy and not)
Family Conflicts
Women’s Prisons
Mass Shootings
and more…


WALLY LAMBImage credit:

I haven’t read any statements that outright affirm that Lamb is a feminist, but you can find many of his books on feminist lists on the web. I’ve read I Know this Much is True, She’s Come Undone, and The Hour I First Believed. My favorite is definitely The Hour I First Believed, and it was my first. I read it the Summer before my senior year of highschool, and I loved Lamb’s ability to encompass so many issues and themes in one book. His books are generally lengthy, but they’re quick reads because he keeps the reader so enthralled. I love his writing, I love his ability to write such stunning characters, and I love his style.

I’m looking forward to reading We are Water and Wishin and Hopin’ as the year progresses. I’ll read Wishin’ and Hopin’ close to Christmas, but I expect to pick up We are Water much sooner.

I plan on picking up a few of his nonfiction works soon as well. He shares stories from the women of York Prison, something that sparks my interests.

If you’re interested in Lamb’s books, give the following link a click and browse his works on Amazon.

Wally Lamb


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