Book 12: How to be a Bad Bitch by Amber Rose

Say hello to the book I have been excited about since last year! This baby was at the very top of my list, and my Mom obliged during a shopping spree at B.A.M.; Rose is a very public figure these days, and I’m a fan. I lover her tendency to defend herself, though I’m not quite proud of her tweet that seemed like a shot at emasculating Kanye West after he pulled her into a spat with Wiz Khalifa.

I mentioned earlier this year that I’ve been picking up more self-help books, and this is one of them. I wanted to learn from Amber Rose because her persona is what I like to call hella rad (I’m not Californian but a girl can try).

Rose’s tendency to speak out about slut-shaming is one of the things that drew me in, and I’m happy to say that she talks about it several times in the book. She speaks about agency, independence, and being strong and happy constantly, and I love that our world is becoming full of role models like her. She also addresses body-shame, speaking on how women “shouldn’t be ashamed of their size,” which sits very well with me. My absolute favorite aspects of the book were Rose’s repeated sex positive and body positive comments. Never once did she tell her readers to lose weight or say that booty calls make you a less respectable person. Though she’s flawed, she has some excellent ideologies.

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Her advice on things that seem superficial (i.e. makeup and clothes) often has both realistic and metaphorical basis. Rose isn’t telling you what to wear or really how to dress, she’s giving you encouragement to dress in things that make YOU feel good. It’s the advice I wish I’d gotten sooner. What I really got from the book was that being a bad bitch isn’t about your look, it’s about your power and/or empowerment. Rose reminds readers again and again to find happiness within themselves. Right down to the lingerie for yourself tip, I’m here for that.

We all have our problematic faves, and Rose is one of mine. Aside from the emasculation on Twitter issue, she does have a photo of herself in a Native American headdress in the book, along with a short blurb about how every bad bitch needs a gay best friend (which unfortunately did reinforce the trope), and mention of the friend-zone (shudder). Rose is also very heteronormative in the book; all dating, relationship, and sex advice is directed at women in heterosexual relationships.

Most of the criticism I heard about HTBABB was about her chapters on dating and relationships, and sadly I can see why. She outlines her pattern for relationships, which can certainly be useful for some folks, but definitely not everyone. Mentioning that what you wear is up to you and you shouldn’t be ashamed in the same sentence that she says men will treat you how you dress was also vastly unimpressive. Her list of five things that guys like, again, did not impress me. Simplifying the concept of the entire population of men is offensive, and definitely not plausible.

Rose’s book was easy to read, I didn’t want to put it down. The format and style that she chose is reflective of her strong personality, and I appreciated that. The brief chapters and frequency of photos (which I am not complaining about, she’s a stunner) also make it a fairly quick read. The formatting of the book is nice; it’s almost a coffee table book, but not quite. As a mildly oversized hardcover, it’s unfortunately heavy, which makes it a little difficult to travel with, but it’s something I can definitely get past. I’m one of the rare few who prefer paperbacks, but I’m also pleased to have a pretty book that I can use as a decorative piece.

I give this book an 8.5/10.

How to Be a Bad Bitch


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