E-Readers and Discount Codes

As a reader, it’s hard to ignore the shift to virtual texts over the traditional paper format; there are boundless pros and cons to both reading methods, though ultimately it comes down to preference and privilege.

Sometimes it’s simple; those who prefer the instant downloads and frequent discounts on intangible books opt for e-readers and apps, those who revel in the smell of old books and the sound of a crisp page turning might opt for discount or used book stores to find their own discounts.

Sometimes it isn’t as simple; e-readers aren’t free, they cost significantly more than a used paperback, and some people can’t afford that. That’s where privilege comes into play. Though in the long run it might be cheaper to buy a kindle for $100 and get e-books at a 25% discount compared to the physical copy, but not all people have the funds to make better long-term purchases like those.

Personally, I use both. As a college student, I bought a used kindle fire to download textbooks at lower prices, saving me money over time. As an English major, that definitely softened the blow for classes with seven or eight assigned books. Though that kindle fire has bitten the dust, I still use the Kindle app on my phone and tablet when I want to access books from anywhere. Provided you have an internet connection, you can also use your browser to open kindle readers

I’ll be reviewing books that I read through both platforms, and in the interest of providing a few discounted options through Amazon. In order to do this, I have become an Amazon affiliate. from this point forward, all links to Amazon will be affiliate links.
Should you use my affiliate links, a small percentage of the money from your purchase will go to me for recommending the books; as an affiliate I’ll also be able to provide click-through links to deals for anyone who follows my blog. In the interest of being honest from the start, this is my formal disclaimer. If you do not feel comfortable with that set-up, please feel free to find the books or products that I recommend through Amazon without using the affiliate links.

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